Snow Master Foam Gun V2-P10

Constructed from high-quality materials utilising stainless steel to prevent internal corrosion to ensure that your foam gun looks great for longer! A heavy-duty clear PET bottle with a wide opening to make filling easier, moulded finger grips and an embossed Maxshine logo!

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Add soap and attach to a garden hose and watch the Low Pressure Car Wash Foam Gun create exceptionally foamy suds! With proper soapy lubrication you can safely remove abrasive dirt particles that can leave scratches and swirls. This foam gun boasts a unique 1L PET transparent cup design with anti-slip and wear-resistant base. This ensures perfect stability and balance, even when empty. It features a textured surface with convenient grooves for easy grip and operation.

The soft rubber-wrapped trigger enhances grip and anti-slip performance during detailing, while the clear bottle simplifies dilution. Cleaning maintenance is a breeze with the wide mouth opening, and its PET and stainless steel construction combines form and function seamlessly. With its standout design, the Low Pressure Car Wash Foam Gun is a coveted choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


No pressure washer needed! Easily attach to standard garden hose or quick connect
Maintain a comfortable grip with the rubber-wrapped trigger
High Transparent bottle helps you achieve perfect dilution
Large hand grooves allow you to hold and operate easily and comfortably
Study balance and anti-slip base keeps it from tipping over increasing its longevity
Free switching of suction orifice for three modes at the bottom of the suction tubes.Used to control the amount of suction volume.
Upgraded internal structure, updated tube and filters, resulting in more dense and stable foaming.

Technical Specifications

P10PET + Stainless SteelHigh Transparent PET1L (35OZ)
  Dimension and weight: 15.63in (L) x 4.29in (W) x 9.33in (H), 1.54lbs
  Water inlet connection: standard garden hose, universal size

Using Instructions​

1. Fill fluid bottle with desired amount of cleansers.
2. Fill the fluid bottle with water (for best results, use warm water, 20% cleansers +80% water is suggested). Only use with fresh or deionized water.
3. Shake the fluid bottle to mix the cleansers with water thoroughly.
4.Attach to a garden hose and remove abrasive dirt particles that can leave scratches and swirls. Turn any car wash into a foam-covered authentic detail!