Snow Foam Lance is a car cleaning tool, with precise machining, assembly and testing, it is able to create great clinging foam when you connect it with a high pressure washer and fill detergent in the bottle attached.

Snow Foam Lance is proven to be one of the most popular and essential wash tools on the market today with lots of people using them and keeping their car looks so great and also holding the value of the cars by keeping paintwork in swirl free condition. It creates a thick, clinging foam and deliver them to the vehicle doesn’t require you to touch the vehicle which could rub dirt against the paint. And it makes the vehicle totally white out with foam which will loosen and lubricate dirt. It eliminates a majority of the harmful dirt and grit that causes swirls on the paintwork during normal sponge or mitt cleaning.

And as it will deliver big flow of foam, the car will be covered by foam in seconds. The velocity of water combined with quality foam will save you a lot of time and also water.

No matter whether you’re a detailer or weekend warrior, it is the same process to use a Snow Foam Lance. It is very easy to use by doing as below:

1) Get a high pressure washer, and connect the Snow Foam Lance,

2) Fill the bottle with chemicals and water in right dilution, screw back the bottle, and shack up and down to have the detergent even. Easy way is to have 1:4 dilution of chemical:water, but pls follow the instruction of the chemical manufacturer if any.

3) Trigger on and turn the nozzle to have right spray pattern from angle 0-45 meeting your need, and turn the top dial clockwise to have most chemical sprayed. or turn anti-clockwise to adjust the suction rate of chemical to have less dilution further.

4) When you finish covering your car with foam, it is better to wait a certain moment for the chemicals work in place, but always keep in mind, do not wait until it is dry.

Maxshine Snow Foam Lance is made from strong materials which will give the product long lifetime lasting ,in good performance. Brass body is precise machined brass parts has very good rust resistance. internal nozzle tip is made with stainless steel which secure long lifetime lasting as well, not like other brass nozzles which will worn out soon. Plastic turning nozzle and top dial is made with PA6 with glass fiber, a kind of strong industry material which secure the part from aging, not like some cheap version used PP or ABS. the big mouth bottle is easy for you to fill the chemicals and will easy to stand on the ground not fall down easy which will lead to lose of money.