High Performance Foam Cannon-P07

Advanced High-Foam Aeration System

The Maxshine Foam Cannon uses advanced engineering to create maximum foam products with as little car wash soap as possible. This puts a thick, shaving cream-like layer of foam onto any car when using the Maxshine Foam Cannon with any pressure washing that has a 1/4 inch quick connect adaptor. This makes the Maxshine foam cannon one of the most desired auto accessories on the market today.

1.1 MM ORIFICE, WITH ADJUSTABLE FOAM FAN AND CORRECTED AIRFLOW HOLES Designed to provide the highest level foam cannon on the market using the newest technology including a dual adjustable spray fan for vertical and horizontal adjustments, a versatile foaming nozzle that fits regular bottles, and the wide body canister, a wide fill canister to prevent tips and spills and upgraded brass & stainless steel fittings.

No More Spilling & Wasting Soap

We designed foam cannons to fix issues other chemical brands have. To prevent spilling, and the hassle of using a funnel, we designed the blackline foam cannon with a big mouth. (42mm in diameter). Not only does it have a large mouth for filling, but it’s also designed with reinforced threads to prevent the threads from stripping, and ultimately failing.

Unprecedented Design

The Maxshine Foam Cannon was designed to create a sturdy base to be able to easily stand, whether empty or at full capacity.

Stainless Steel Fittings

The Maxshine Foam Cannon is equipped with stainless steel fitting to prevent premature rusting, and also to increase the longevity of the cannon. The Stainless Steel Fittings have been electroplated to add another measure of protection to the fittings inside and out. This is perfect to use for any car snow foam and beats out any competitors with an auto foam cannon.


Art.N°: P07
Material: PE.HD with copper
Cup Volume: 1L
Color: Black
Complete with 1/4 connector